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Mass NotificationAdding a mass notification system to your Beaumont or Houston commercial security systems can provide your staff members and tenants with an extra level of protection when emergencies arise. The technical team at Securecomm Technologies, Inc. can provide you with the expert help and guidance needed to implement a mass notification system for your buildings and facilities. This can help you stay on top of non-fire emergency situations and can provide added confidence for your customers, patrons, staff members and guests.

What Is a Mass Notification System?

Mass notification systems are designed as in-building systems or wide area systems providing outdoor notification using amplified speaker arrays that provide information that may be of critical importance. While fire emergencies are usually handled by use of commercial fire alarm systems, mass notification solutions are used to spread the word of other issues that may include some or all of the following:

  • Meteorological events, including hurricanes, severe storms and potential flooding
  • Biological contamination
  • Geological events, including earthquakes
  • Accidents that could affect operations at your location
  • Potential terrorism
  • Technology events

Sending out information about these events can help your staff members, tenants and other individuals to take appropriate action in these situations.

How Your Mass Notification System Works

Mass NotificationIn most cases, you must set up a message and a database with contact numbers or emails for all your intended recipients before your first use of your mass notification system. Entering and maintaining these numbers or emails requires system training that we provide. When an emergency does arise, however, the mass notification system will pull numbers and email addresses directly from the database and send each of these contacts any message you determine to be appropriate under the circumstances.

Benefits of Mass Notification

Your new mass notification system can tie in to other Houston business security systems to allow you the greatest degree of confidence when dealing with emergency situations. This can increase the speed of your communications with staff members and members of the public, allowing you to take the most proactive steps to protect the people who matter most to your organization. In some cases, mass notifications may be prompted automatically by your Houston business security system to allow for even greater speed in dealing with security situations in your facility.

Securecomm Technologies, Inc. is one of only a few companies that is uniquely qualified for system design and deployment of (EMNS) Emergency Mass Notification Systems. We specialize in all systems and components used to create the network of systems needed for EMNS. Use our Mass-Notification Systems when every second is so important and life’s are depending on you to relay information and respond quickly to an emergency situation. When Mass Notification is needed having the proper system and plan in place can and will save lives. We have all of the technology available to shine light onto any dark situation quickly. By using our Strategic Technology Partners and vast knowledge and experience in Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Electronic System Design and Engineering we can help with customizing emergency specific action plans to help minimize the panic and chaos that happens during high stress emergency situations. With EMNS, multiple systems need to communicate instantly by using customized system integration and (API) Application Programming Interface technology. What does this look like? By pressing a single button or one click of a mouse on a custom designed graphic sight map of a single site or a geographic map of your entire district, you can lock down facilities by integrating Access Control; send audible instructions on what to do over Intercom/PA and Local Sound systems, send pre-written alerts by mass emails and text to predetermined recipients. Another extremely useful component included in our outdoor Mass-Notification product line is our HyperSpike High Power Long Range Speakers that allows you to send crystal clear audio with prerecorded or live instruction to Mass areas. By utilizing our HyperSpike High Power Long Range Speakers provided by our partners at (EST) Edwards you can send clear audio that will penetrate noisy industrial areas and carry clear audio to Mass areas. This new HyperSpike audio technology was developed for our military forces to communicate in harsh noisy environments. The armed forces use HyperSpike audio to communicate and direct large convoys in the desert, it also allows large ships to communicate at sea, and most importantly to communicate mission critical instructions clearly in any emergency or nonemergency situation. More information on HyperSpike acoustically sophisticated solutions by EST.

Telecor Mass Notification Demo

EST HyperSpike High Power Mass Notification Speaker demo

At Securecomm Technologies, Inc., we work with your company at every step of the way to make sure that your Houston office security systems suit your needs and fit into your budget perfectly. Our technicians can provide you with mass notification solutions designed specifically for your company or organization. Give us a call at 281-290-8383 in Beaumont and Houston to discuss your requirements with our team of skilled technical experts. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your organizations security needs.