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Did you know that Securecomm Technologies provides access control services and security systems (including video surveillance and monitoring) for industrial and commercial clients all over the Greater Houston Area, all the way to Beaumont?

security turnstileBeaumont, 85 miles from the center of Downtown Houston, is straight shot down Interstate 10, in Jefferson County and is home to Lamar University.The “area” is referred to as Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Area. When mentioning Port Arthur, Beaumont and Orange, Texas, all together, most refer to it as the Golden Triangle. The cities together form a major industrial region on the Texas Gulf Coast, which many corporations including Gulf States Utilities and other major petrochemical refineries.

Beaumont security camera systems as well as commercial fire systems, including fire alarm and mass notification systems, can be installed and monitored for any industrial or commercial structures or area. Securecomm Technologies has installed many different types of industrial security camera systems to aid refineries and petro-companies.  Safety systems are integral parts of keeping companies’ people and property safe.

Securecomm Technologies Inc., takes pride in delivering modern processes that are economical and practical for commercial and industrial safety applications. Call today for more information on how Securecomm can help keep property and people safe in Beaumont and Houston.