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Houston Office BuildingsAccording to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.5 million episodes of workplace violence are reported every year. This includes physical violence, sexual assault, burglary, and even murder. Although some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, every industry is at risk. Beaumont and Houston business security systems are essential regardless of the type of business you operate.

When the perpetrator of the violence is an employee, the most common reason for the attack is revenge. The employee may have been recently fired or disciplined and wants to cause harm to his or her superiors. Domestic violence is also a leading cause of murder and assault in the workplace, particularly when the victim has taken steps to leave the relationship.

The Tragedy at Accent Signage

Andrew Engeldinger, a 36-year-old employee of Accent Signage in Minneapolis, had been struggling with mental illness for years when he was fired in September 2012. After Engeldinger was fired, he went home to retrieve a gun and returned to Accent Signage that afternoon. Accent Signage, which had several offices and a manufacturing plant where it made its products, had no real security systems. There were no guards in place and nothing to prevent access to the building. Engeldinger fatally shot five people, including the company’s owner, before turning the gun on himself.

Complete Lack of Security

As the above example illustrates, every business has unique security needs. Accent Signage was not a typical office complex. Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan described Accent Signage as “a large building with many rooms branching off to the sides.” He further stated, “Because there was no security, it took tactical units a very long time to conduct a thorough search of the premises. Two employees were found hiding in a basement closet hours after the attack ended.”

As tragic as the situation was, it could have been much worse. Minneapolis Police Captain Amelia Huffman was quoted as saying that Engeldinger appeared to have specific victims in mind when he started shooting. He walked by several former co-workers in an attempt to locate Reuven Rahamim, the owner of Accent Signage. It is not clear why other people were targeted.

Individual Office Security Solutions

Most office buildings that rent to multiple tenants have established security systems in place. As the owner of a commercial office building, you may not be able to prevent someone from trying to carry out a violent act. However, you can stop the damage before it starts and prevent others from getting hurt. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of office building security solutions for your consideration. Video surveillance and access control are two of the best ways to keep tabs on who is in your building. It also allows you to track the time of their visits.

Your security plan should start with outside access to the building. You need to know who is coming in every door. Unfortunately, you cannot let security slide once people are inside the building. You also need to protect your employees, tenants, and company assets by establishing secured areas within the office complex. As a general rule, you should never give people more access than they need to perform their jobs. Visitors need to be monitored closely and should never be left alone.

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