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consultingSecurecomm Technologies offers a full range of Building Technology Consulting, System Design, and Engineering Services. We start by having our client explain what is most important to them that pertains to the project they have in mind; Life Safety, Public Safety, Loss Prevention, Strategic Communication (Mass Notification/Intercom/Paging). Then we help guide our Clients through a Tactical and Strategic Planning process explaining all features and options that today’s building technology systems have to offer. Once everything is explained and our client knows what systems and options are available we get to work Designing, planning, and working out all of the technical details. Securecomm Technologies invest in our team of Design Engineers and experienced system specialist by constantly training with Building Technology System manufacturers. Our team is certified for System Design and software for a large variety of specialized Building Technologies Systems. By using a professional company that understands all aspects of today’s systems and features available, your design will be accurate and you will have a reliable system that will last for many years. Securecomm Technologies will prepare your system specifications and Map out your system layout on Blueprints using the latest Auto CAD design technology. The old method of creating specifications and drawing has been proven over and over not to work with today’s high tech software driven systems and solutions. As technology systems have become smarter and more sophisticated, System Groups like Securecomm Technologies have responded to the need to hire professional designers and engineers on staff so we make the process much more streamline and can help our customers by educating them on the ever-changing features of the Building Technology systems we support. We are highly trained in system design, system installation, and system integration. Trust the trained professionals by hiring one company with the experienced staff on hand to lead your project from the consulting and design process to software support, service and maintenance after project completion. We think end-users should work directly with the Building Technology System Integrators, this leads to a much cleaner design, better installation, reduction in cost, and better customer service and support. This practice has proven to be a much more effective plan then those of yesterday.

System Design Services

  • Mapping and System Layout
  • Write System Specifications

Markets We Serve

  • Industrial/Refineries
  • K-12/Higher Education
  • Hospitals
  • Office Building
  • Warehouses

Systems Services

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Mass Notification
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intercom/Paging
  • Local Sound/Sound Reinforcement
  • Area of Rescue
  • Traffic Control/Barrier Gates
  • Custom Solutions