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Houston Access ControlWhen it comes to Houston Business security systems for your office building, there is no such thing as being too careful. Your employees and visitors depend on you to keep them safe from theft, sexual assault, verbal harassment, and acts of violence. Unfortunately, people who are bent on causing harm study the weaknesses of your office building security and strike when it is most vulnerable.

You can hardly go a day anymore without hearing about a tragic instance of workplace violence. Sometimes it’s from people on the inside, such as a fired or disgruntled employee who wants revenge. Business security threats can also come from people who are not associated with your company and who have no business being on your property. The best way to handle both types of access threats is to create access barriers to your building and everything that is inside of it.

Commercial Security Solutions

Every one of your employees has a specific job to do at certain times of the day. A person who works the day shift does not need access to your building in the middle of the night. By having individual levels of security for each employee, you can limit building access to working hours only. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. works closely with you to establish specific Houston business security systems access control for each person. Some of these include a building key, a code that must be entered into an access pad, and a badge that is programmed to provide initial access based on the employee’s normal working hours or level of security.

Access Control within an Office Building

Businesses store a multitude of personal information, including demographic information about customers and trade secrets. You could get sued if you do not take proactive measures to safeguard company data and personal information about your employees and customers. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. helps clients evaluate their commercial office buildings to determine which areas need additional layers of security. Limiting access to secured areas helps you to know where your employees are at all times. It also prevents people from wandering in off the street and gaining access to your company’s assets.

As a business owner, you have the right to control where people go in your building and at what time. We can program access cards that strictly control the areas that your employees can enter. The cards also track the time each person enters and leaves the building as well as the areas he or she visited during the workday.

Individualized Office Building Security Solutions

Securecomm Technologies, Inc. understands that two office buildings never have exactly the same security concerns. You may own a commercial office building with hundreds of individual offices or manage a storefront travel agency that deals with constant walk-in traffic. When you contact us, the first thing we do is schedule an appointment for a free commercial security evaluation. We listen to your security concerns and design a plan to address them.

Before implementing your personalized security plan, one of our security professionals will walk through your building to uncover problem areas. This also helps us understand the day-to-day operations of your business. We then meet with you again to discuss how to implement various forms of access control.

After we have installed your security equipment, we periodically check with you to see how things are going. If adjustments need to be made, we do so promptly. This honors the trust you have placed in our security company. As your business grows and changes, you can count on our security solutions to grow along with it. We are constantly evaluating our products and services to ensure that they are relevant for your needs.

The technicians from our commercial security company will install the necessary hardware to set up a card access system. We will test and provide training before issuing individual cards to your company’s employees. We are also available to assist you to make sure your systems works properly at all times.

Call to schedule a free security systems demonstration at our office in Houston or Beaumont at 281-290-8383 and an in-depth evaluation of your security needs.