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Access Barriers - Security SolutionsSecurecomm Technologies, Inc. is a commercial security company with a number of different Beaumont and Houston access control options to increase office building security. These access barriers range from requiring your employees to use swipe cards, security doors and keypad entry to remote access and more.

We are an innovative leader in office security helping to keep employees and company assets safe for our clients. A professional security system is a necessity in today’s business climate and we help you to incorporate the options that make the most sense for your type of company. In addition to providing barriers to access, we also provide monitoring systems, fire detection systems, industry-specific security and much more.

Houston Turn StyleYou may need a different type of access barrier for different parts of your office building. We will help to pinpoint the varying levels of security that each area of your building requires. Once this has been identified we will install the necessary equipment so your employees can only enter their specific work areas. We also provide you with training so your employees know how to interact with these security measures.

If you are in the process of arranging business security for your company, contact us today in Houston and Beaumont at 281-290-8383 to discuss your needs and our many available solutions.