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Founded in 2006, Securecomm Technologies, Inc., a Texas based HUB company has been a leader in custom commercial security solutions and integration, securing employees and business assets. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. has implemented solutions for companies ranging from small restaurants to fortune 100 companies with multiple locations and needs. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. is focused on public safety with a vast technical knowledge of today’s high tech products available for electronic protection.

Through meeting with our customers and gaining an understanding of your business and security goals, we can custom build and design systems and applications that will prevent unwanted intrusions, protect valuable assets, and customize and implement security solutions that other alarm companies can’t. From Securecomm’s Security Fog stop loss systems, Securecomm’s resident mobile panic alarms, to custom mobile muster stations for employee safety in high risk areas, Securecomm Technologies, Inc. has a solution that will be custom tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.

Certificate of Licensure: #B15789