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Securecomm Mobile Resident Panic Alarms

Some apartments, condominiums, and high traffic areas have installed a blue panic station that has a phone to call police. The only problem with this is you have to physically make it to the call station- then wait for a police response. With Securecomm’s mobile panic alarm, residents can sound a siren/strobe alarm without leaving the safety of their vehicle by pushing a button on a smart phone. A 120 decibel siren with blue flashing police lights generally scare away potential problems before they can occur. Perfect for apartments, condominiums, and high traffic areas.

Securecomm High Risk Mobile Muster Stations

In Texas Oil and Gas refineries, dangerous evacuations often leave companies not knowing if all employees have safely been evacuated from the area. With Securecomm’s mobile muster stations- all employees can badge in at any evacuation area and be identified as safe and accounted for.  Perfect for any high risk work area.

Securecomm Mobile Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Systems

Another high risk area tool created by Securecomm, companies can inspect and monitor high risk areas while keeping it’s employees safe from danger. With mobile PTZ’s our customers can have eyes and ears in high risk situations while employees are at a safe distance monitoring and controlling the surveillance camera remotely. Perfect for Oil and Gas companies and other businesses in high risk environments.

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