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Commercial Security Solutions - OtherRestaurants and refineries have security needs that are different than other types of businesses. The typical restaurant is open to the public and anyone can enter during normal business hours. In order to keep your customers safe, you need Beaumont or Houston video surveillance to monitor the general activities of your business and patrons. When something looks suspicious on camera, you have the ability to act quickly to help prevent someone from getting violent or causing harm to other customers.

Workers at a Beaumont and Houston refinery are exposed to more security and health risks than workers in other manufacturing environments, so you need Houston industrial security systems that can monitor access, job site activities and possible changes in the work environment. Secure Comm, Inc. has the experience to install the correct system to limit access to all of the major entrances into the refinery, to monitor all activities and identify possible health related issues. After the installation, employees receive a key card and can only access the areas where they work.

We are prepared to analyze and provide solutions for these unique security requirements. Contact us in Houston and Beaumont at 281-290-8383 for a consultation to learn how we can work together to protect your employees and assets.