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Houston walk through metal detectorIf you own a Houston or Beaumont business, you need Houston industrial security systems. It does not matter if your commercial building is an office complex, warehouse, factory, restaurant, medical clinic, or something else. You simply cannot leave the safety of your employees, customers, and company assets to chance.

The Security Challenges of Walk-in Traffic

Restaurants, stores, medical clinics, and banks have hundreds of people coming in and out each day. Dealing with the general public can be stressful, especially when it comes to security concerns. The typical transaction in these types of businesses is brief, but that does not mean that threats, robberies, and assaults do not occur. However, your business depends on giving people unlimited access to your products and services.

You are obligated to provide an adequate level of security, no matter what type of business you own. Depending on your particular business model, this may include Houston industrial security camera systems, time-delay safes, silent alarm systems, and more. You could experience tragic and legal consequences if you do not take steps to protect your employees and customers. Even if you cannot stop a crime from happening, at the very least you should have video monitoring in place to assist the police if necessary.

Commercial Security Solutions for Warehouses

A business warehouse stores millions of dollars worth of inventory, making it an attractive target for thieves. It is essential that you control access to your warehouse in order to reduce the possibility of theft. At Securecomm Technologies, Inc., we know that a warehouse has different security needs than an office building. We create individualized commercial security systems to address issues like 24-hour access control and the challenges of constantly changing inventory. Some of our most popular warehouse security solutions include keypad access, swipe cards, and closed-circuit television monitoring.

Warehouses face several other security challenges in addition to theft. You may have products stored in your warehouse that you have not released yet. If your competitors find out about these new product offerings, they could scramble to get a similar product on the market first. Another possibility is that company trade secrets could be unprotected. There is no such thing as too much precaution when it comes to keeping your employees, contractors, assets, and inventory safe.

Houston Office Security Systems

Houston Office Security SystemsCommercial office buildings tend to have more security than other types of businesses, but that does not necessarily thwart determined criminals. If you rent space to several tenants, you are obligated to provide them with a secure working environment. Your office security systems design starts with the front door, but it should not end there. At Securecomm Technologies, Inc., we provide numerous forms of access control and video monitoring so you always know who is in your building. We also assist you with limiting access to areas in the building that contain valuable assets.

Allowing visitors or employees to roam free in an office building could be a disaster waiting to happen. A person could obtain highly classified information, such as the home address or salary of others in the organization. You could get sued for failing to protect your employees if the person who illegally obtained this information uses it to harass others.

Securecomm Technologies, Inc. Offers Free Consultations

It can seem overwhelming when you are setting up a commercial security system for the first time. Our security experts understand your frustrations and are here to help. We also work with you to expand your security as the needs of your business change. We invite you to contact us in Beaumont and Houston at 281-290-8383 to learn more about how we provide the protection your business needs. Call to schedule a free security solutions demonstration at our office. Our security experts can create a customized solution that exceeds your expectations by meeting the needs of your business.