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Securecomm Technologies has built our business services model around catering to the K-12 and Higher Education market by adding additional services and technology partners to our portfolio to meet the unique needs of our highly populated campuses and facilities. Our goal is to help our clients with the safety protection of our students and faculty by designing specialized Hi-Tech systems that are reliable and easy for the faculty and administrators to use. We have helped introduce new technologies to many school districts and continue to work closely with our clients every day to come up with helpful and very useful solutions and systems to secure and manage large institutions. We have the best solution available for Mass Notification on the market. By working with our technology partners and using the best building blocks available, Securecomm Technologies is the center piece of deploying sophisticated Mass Notification systems, by using system integration and our engineering and technical design team we can offer the best solutions and systems for the K-12 and Higher Education environments. We have the ability to link our systems by using system integration and API technology to create a network of tools used for communications, and public and life safety.

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