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Access-ControlWhen you are in charge of commercial security for your Houston or Beaumont business, it is important to incorporate methods of safety and access control in order to prevent people from going into unauthorized areas. A good office building security system is needed to determine who is in the building and allow you the ability to track employees’ and guests’ whereabouts at all times. Access barriers are also necessary to limit entry to specific departments. These barriers also discourage people who have no business being at your company from trying to enter the facility. Houston access control systems

We provide security solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. When you need business security, we can help to determine the most appropriate measures of controlled access for your particular type of business. An office building attached to a warehouse needs a completely different system than a stand-alone office complex that spans seven floors. Our security professionals are experienced at analyzing how to best control access and will make recommendations to you based on your company’s needs.

Access-ControlAfter you have had the opportunity to consult with us, we will come to your office to install the necessary equipment needed to control access to your building. Some of the possible options include installing a keypad at each entrance, setting up a card swipe system or inputting facial recognition at each point of entry.

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