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Houston Access ControlInstalling CCTV/Video Surveillance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees safe, on the job and protect your assets at the same time. Commercial security that includes a camera system helps to reduce employee theft, vandalism, violence and prevent unauthorized access to the building and restricted areas. This area of security is just as crucial as setting up Houston access control to your building.

The mere presence of a video camera is often enough to deter unwanted workplace behavior, but when it does occur it is important to have recorded surveillance of the event. This is especially critical when a situation involves two or more employees giving differing versions of the same issue. Rather than having to decide who to believe, you can review your surveillance footage to find out what really took place and take appropriate action.

Houston Video SurveillanceIf you have a system in place that controls employee and visitor access to the building, our technicians can integrate it with our visual recognition security cameras. We are skilled in all aspects of protecting commercial buildings, including how to combine our security devices with the system that you may already have at your company.

If your business has been losing money due to inadequate monitoring of your employees and your buildings physical premises, contact Securecomm Technologies, Inc. at 281-290-8383 to have Houston video surveillance put in place as soon as possible. We also have free security system demonstrations available at our office for your convenience.

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