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Industrial SecurityIn the industrial environment, tracking the activities of employees and guests can reduce the risk of accidents and can stop incidents of vandalism and terrorism before they occur. At Securecomm Technologies, Inc., we offer proven security solutions for commercial and industrial firms. Our Houston industrial security systems can provide comprehensive support and protection for oil refineries, manufacturing plants and chemical facilities. The professional technicians at Securecomm Technologies, Inc. can design a system tailor-made for your company’s specific set of needs.

Maintaining Surveillance on Entry and Exit Points

The Beaumont and Houston industrial security camera systems installed and monitored by Securecomm Technologies, Inc. are designed to provide your company with a visual record of activities taking place on your premises. This can serve as evidence in criminal proceedings and can provide a real deterrent to those tempted to engage in unlawful activities in your facilities. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. also offers professional monitoring systems to ensure the fastest possible response times for issues at your industrial plant, refinery or commercial facility.

Industrial Security

Fire Detection and Mass Notification

Especially in the refinery and chemical plant environment, fast detection and rapid response times are critical elements in your fire protection plan. Securecomm Technologies, Inc. can help with the most advanced solutions for fire detection, visible and audible alarm systems and automatic sprinkler and mass notification deployment. These safety measures can protect your employees and your facility against serious damage and losses. The right fire detection and mass notification solutions can even lower your insurance costs for your manufacturing plant or refinery in some cases.

Controlling Access to Key Areas of Your Facility

industrial securitySecurecomm Technologies, Inc. can provide you with Beaumont and Houston access control solutions to keep your facilities secure and safe from unauthorized intruders. By investing in one of our keyed or keyless entry systems, you can monitor the movements of employees, guests and others in your facilities. Badge access systems typically offer the greatest degree of security and can allow access only to those areas authorized for a particular employee or visitor to your site. Keypad systems are designed to require a personalized code for every person entering or exiting certain parts of your facility. Keyed entry points are usually reserved for the main entry points to your industrial site and can be customized to suit your needs. In most cases, Securecomm Technologies, Inc. will use a combination of access control systems to provide your facility with the most advanced protection possible.

Mass Notification

We have the best solution available for Mass Notification on the market. By working with our technology partners and using the best building blocks available, Securecomm Technologies is the center piece of deploying sophisticated Mass Notification systems, by using system integration and our engineering and technical design team we can offer the best solutions and systems for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical/Industrial environments. We have the ability to link our systems by using system integration and API technology to create a network of tools used for communications, and public and life safety. Click on Mass Notification to see our exclusive HyperSpike audio technology was developed for our military forces to communicate in harsh noisy environments. This is sure to take the place of the outdated blast systems industrial facilities are still using today.

Emergency Evacuation and Mustering

Being prepared and having emergency evacuation and mustering plans in place are essential. Mustering requires access control software that provides this feature, as the system must distinguish between employees who have not checked into the mustering point from those who are on vacation or not in the building for other reasons at that particular time. Used for specific access situations, mustering is a concept where a specific reader or readers are used to verify that individuals are in a particular place. For example, a reader might be installed outside of a chemical plant or oil refinery which employees are directed to come to in the event of an emergency and have their credential read by the system. This allows a system user to quickly generate a list of all employees who have physically reached the mustering reader, while also generating an exception report of those who have not checked in.

The industrial security specialists at SecureComm can create a comprehensive security solution that fits the need of your refinery, chemical processing plant or other manufacturing enterprise. We can provide you with an expert assessment of your current access control and fire protection measures, allowing you to enjoy the most accurate guidance in the industry. To learn more about our full line of commercial and industrial security solutions, call us today at 281-290-8383 in Houston and Beaumont to set up your initial consultation and to put the best technical team in the business to work for your company.