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Automatic barrier gates for commercial property.
Automatic barrier gates can increase security for your business property.

As a business owner, you know that security is important. Houston automatic barrier gates can give your business the extra level of security it needs. But what opener options are available for these gates? Read on to find out more.

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Benefits of Automatic Barrier Gates in Houston

Automatic barrier gates offer a great solution for business access control. You can equip entrances and exits with permanent barriers to control who enters and leaves the property. This is especially important for large properties like warehouses, factories, and other commercial environments where it’s difficult to keep track of people’s movements. This keeps unauthorized people away from access points to your business.

Another great reason to install automatic barrier gates for your property is that they’re pretty easy to install and configure. So, it’s a simple step you can take to increase security for your business. Our technicians can easily customize settings such as opening and closing speed to fit your needs.

Popular Automatic Gate Opening Options for Houston Business Security Systems

Automatic barrier gates offer Houston access control at many different levels of entry. For opener options, customers have a variety of choices depending on their needs. Remotes and keycards are convenient solutions that can be easily carried or installed in vehicles. Keypads are also an access option that require the use of a code to enter the premises. An intercom option allows access to be controlled through conversation with someone at the gate, providing a higher level of security. All these access control systems provide convenience and peace of mind for those guarding restricted areas and limited access points.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Opening Options for Commercial Security Gates

There are many ways to open automatic barrier gates. Different types of opening options offer different pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes down to achieving a balance between accessibility and security requirements when choosing which automatic opener is best suited for your needs. Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of popular options.

Remove openers offer the most convenience. You just click a button and the gate opens, kind of like your garage at home. Just keep in mind that anyone with the remote can open the gate, so you’ll have to keep track of who does and does not have a remote.

Keycards are another popular option for automatic barrier gates in Houston. These use RFID technology to open the gates and, often, other doors in your facility. While people can give their keycards to unauthorized people, it’s generally less likely because they typically feature names and photos on the cards themselves.

Keypads come with the added benefit of convenience because you don’t need anything physically with you to open the gate. You just have to remember the code. However, codes can be easy to guess and give away. 

Intercoms are also an option to ensure secure entry with vocal authentication required before access is granted, but require extra labor. Someone will need to answer the intercom and ask questions before opening the gate. 

Tailor the Opening Options for Houston Automatic Barrier Gates to Your Business

Business security is important for companies of all sizes and types, from large corporations to small retail shops. However, each company’s security needs are a bit different. That’s why you need to evaluate Houston business security systems and make sure they’re right for your needs. 

For instance, certain types of automatic barrier gate openers may be better for one business and not another. Keycards might strike the perfect balance between convenience and security for some, while others may need higher security options like biometrics scanners or intercom opening systems. The key is to really think about what will work best for your business and our team will tailor solutions to those wants and needs.

Security & Access Control Solutions in Houston from Securecomm Technologies

Automatic barrier gates offer a high level of security for businesses, as well as the convenience of automation. There are several opener options available on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. The type of opener that is best suited for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Here at Securecomm Technologies, we offer customized automatic barrier gate installation with equipment from top manufacturers. Contact us now for a quote.