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Devices for Houston business security systems
Houston business security systems can help protect your property from crime.

Commercial and industrial properties are often particularly vulnerable to crime. Since they generally get more people in and out of the property and have periods where the property is practically deserted because of off hours, it makes them prime targets for criminals. Unfortunately, crime is quite high right now, including certain crimes that businesses may face. The good news is that Houston business security systems can help deter a lot of these crimes. They may also help law enforcement catch the perpetrators if crime does occur. 

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How Houston Business Security Systems Prevent Crime

There are many reasons to invest in Houston commercial security systems. These systems are great deterrents for many types of crime, including robbery, burglary, assault, theft, and property crimes. There are many ways that security systems can achieve this. 

One is by having visible components. These alert criminals to the fact that you have a system. Houston business security systems make it harder for them to commit crime undetected, which increases the risk of being caught. Most criminals will keep walking if they think they’re likely to get caught and go to jail. So, having clearly visible security features like Houston access control locks, security cameras, and motion sensors can go a long way in stopping criminals from targeting your location. 

Additionally, Houston business security systems can alert you to crimes in progress. For instance, cameras can catch signs of an assault as it happens so you can stop it faster and contact the police and emergency medical services if needed. Similarly, they can detect break ins when you’re closed so you can get police there to potentially stop the crime while it’s still happening. 

Even if you do find your business the victim of a crime, security systems can provide valuable information to law enforcement to catch the criminals. This is critical for recouping your losses as soon as possible. For instance, if a robbery takes place, cameras may help identify the suspect so police can find them before they have a chance to sell or use stolen goods. It also acts as good evidence for your business insurance. 

Crime Statistics in Houston to Know

Crime happens everywhere, but there are certain areas that are more vulnerable. As the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston is no stranger to crime. Some estimates show that the crime rate in Houston is about 126% higher than the national average. 

Statistics from the FBI for Texas crime rates in 2018 show that there were:

  • 8,761 robberies
  • 94,033 property crimes 
  • 16,317 burglaries
  • 65,767 larcenies (thefts)

There is some good news: violent crimes in 2022 were about 10% lower than in 2021. However, before you rejoice too much in this statistic, keep in mind that crime rates are still higher than they were pre-pandemic. So, crime is still absolutely a problem you need to think about as a business owner or property manager. 

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