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Houston video surveillance camera on building.
Some businesses need Houston video surveillance according to city ordinances.

Houston video surveillance is a key part of keeping any business secure. It helps deter criminals and also assists with their capture after the fact. However, while many businesses opt for installing security cameras at their locations, some are now required to by a 2022 Houston City ordinance. As part of Mayor Turner’s One Safe Houston initiative, certain businesses now must have security cameras. Some buildings need outdoor security cameras and also need to keep footage for a certain period of time. In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about the ordinance and its requirements for Houston video surveillance. 

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Some Businesses are Now Required to Have Houston Video Surveillance

The One Safe Houston initiative is part of the city’s crack down on crime after rising crime rates since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the ordinance from this year, certain businesses need outdoor security cameras with 24/7 Houston video surveillance. The businesses required to have security cameras in Houston are bars, night clubs, convenience stores, game rooms, and sexually-oriented businesses. These businesses must install security cameras outside their buildings at their own expense. They also need good coverage of the property, so installing one or two cameras probably won’t cut it. 

The idea behind this measure is crime prevention in vulnerable areas. Since businesses, like those listed above, often see high crime rates. So, the extra security may deter crime. It may also help Houston PD catch criminals if they do break the law.

Important Details Behind the New Security Camera Ordinance

There are several things to know about the required Houston video surveillance from the initiative. The first thing is that non-compliance can lead to a fine up to $500 for businesses. This includes not only having outdoor security cameras with good coverage, but also keeping the footage for a certain period of time and turning it over to police when requested. 

Under the new ordinance, businesses must keep video footage for at least 30 days. If the police department requests footage from their cameras, the businesses have 72 hours to turn it over, warrant or not. The ordinance has been enforceable since July 19, 2022 meaning your business may be at risk for a fine if you don’t already have high definition cameras. You can generally tie these into your existing Houston business security system for all-in-one monitoring for ease and convenience. 

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