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Camera as part of Houston office security systems
Houston office security systems are a great deterrent for workplace violence.

Workplace violence is a serious issue throughout the country. Keeping your employees safe when they’re in the office can have a big effect on how comfortable they feel and how long they stay with your company. Therefore, it’s important to invest in Houston office security systems that can help prevent these issues. In this article, we’ll discuss how security systems can fight against workplace violence.

How Houston Office Security Systems Can Fight Workplace Violence

There are many reasons that security systems can deter or prevent workplace violence. They can help prevent people who are likely to attack your employees from getting in the building. Also, knowing that Houston office security systems exist in your building is a great deterrent. 

Startling Workplace Violence Statistics

Workplace violence is any incident where violence occurs in the workplace. It can come from intruders, customers, employers, and even other employees. Each year there are approximately two million victims of workplace violence, which costs businesses an estimated $250 billion to $330 billion each year. In 2020 alone, 20,050 people were injured and 329 lost their lives due to workplace violence. Robbery is one of the number one causes of workplace violence. Texas is one of the states with the highest rates for workplace violence

What’s more, many employers are not prepared for workplace violence. For instance, over half of Americans don’t think their employers take appropriate measures to keep them safe at work. About 80% of companies are not prepared for an active shooter. Instead, make sure you are doing everything possible to protect your employees. In many cases, installing Houston commercial security systems can help prevent workplace violence.

Components of Houston Commercial Security Systems that Prevent Workplace Violence

There are many elements of Houston office security systems that can help prevent workplace violence. For example:

  • Access Control Systems: Access control involves physical barriers that prevent unauthorized people from entering your building, like robbers, ex employees, and people with personal relationships with your employees. These systems can help prevent people from getting close enough to your employees to cause them harm, like an ex partner or an angry previous employee. Adding Houston security intrusion alarms can help stop unauthorized entry, as well as locks and physical barriers that need special credentials to open. 
  • Video Surveillance: Security cameras are a great way to deter workplace violence. Making your cameras highly visible can stop many people from committing violence, whether it be a client, another employee, or even criminals. Knowing they will be caught on camera is often discouragement enough. However, even if it doesn’t deter them, it can help catch them and assist with any charges for assault and other crimes related to workplace violence. 

Quality Houston Office Security Systems from Securecomm Technologies

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