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Camera for Houston video surveillance
Houston video surveillance is a great deterrent to crime at your self storage facility.

Houston video surveillance is a key part of any building’s security systems. One type of business that can benefit from installing security cameras is the self storage business. Self storage facilities have been popping up all over Greater Houston, with more and more people using storage units to protect their belongings in the short- and long-term. If you own or manage a storage facility, make sure you have tight security and video surveillance. 

Why Houston Video Surveillance is Important for Self Storage Facilities

When designing Houston commercial security systems for your storage facility, make sure they include security cameras everywhere that the average person might have access to. Most storage facilities offer 24/7 access to storage units, which means you need 24/7 protection against crimes like theft and vandalism.

Houston video surveillance helps in many ways for your self storage facility. For instance, visible security cameras in your storage facility can easily deter most criminals. Knowing that they are more likely to get caught is enough to scare away most opportunistic criminals.

Additionally, with 24/7 video surveillance monitoring services, people are constantly watching your camera footage for signs of crime. This means that your cameras can help stop a crime in progress, as once your monitoring team identifies a break in or other crime, they alert the authorities immediately. 

Even if the criminal gets away, high quality cameras for Houston video surveillance are a key part of evidence for the police investigation. Often, they can even catch the person responsible because of the footage you provide. Therefore, there are many advantages to installing Houston industrial security camera systems for your storage facility.

Choosing the Right Houston Commercial Security Systems for Your Storage Facility

Cameras aren’t the only thing you need for good security for your self storage facility. It’s also important to have good physical security like strong fences and access control gates for the facility. 

When it comes to designing the Houston video surveillance system, there are several things to consider. The first is camera placement. You want to make sure your cameras pick up footage in every possible place where someone might try to break in or otherwise commit a crime. That means carefully planning a custom camera placement plan for your facility. Don’t forget to have some cameras pointing toward the parking lot, as it may help get a criminal’s car description or even their license plate. 

Additionally, since most self storage facilities allow 24/7 access, you need to plan for issues that happen in the dark. This may include motion sensor lighting that is bright enough to allow your cameras to capture quality footage even at night, or it might involve choosing cameras with infrared capabilities. 

Superior Security Solutions from Securecomm Technologies

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