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Petroleum refinery that needs Houston business security systems
Refineries need Houston business security systems to protect against many potential threats.

Downstream oil and gas operations face many security threats. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in Houston business security systems that help mitigate those risks. Refineries can significantly reduce threats to their personnel, equipment, and operations with the right security solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the security challenges for petroleum refineries and what security system features help tackle them.

Why the Oil & Gas Industry Needs Robust Houston Business Security Systems

Industrial security systems are vital for protecting the oil and gas industry. Petroleum refineries may be vulnerable to security threats in many different ways. 

One thing to understand is that the size of refineries can create problems with security. On large properties, it can be difficult to maintain high security throughout the property and perimeter. Houston business security systems help with this. They can deter issues and help you catch them in action when security guards can’t physically be in every location on the property.

Also, keep in mind that oil and gas security should protect against several types of threats. For instance, trespassing, theft of equipment, and theft of hazardous materials are some of the big things to be concerned about. Potential terrorist attacks are another security challenge the oil and gas industry needs to worry about. Therefore, you need Houston business security systems that can protect against many types of threats and vulnerabilities for the petroleum refinery you manage.

Important Security Features Needed for Petroleum Refineries

Every refinery security system will be different, as it needs to be customized to the property and the specific risks. However, there are some common features that many refineries use in their security systems. 

One is Houston video surveillance through security cameras. Video surveillance has many benefits for industrial security. The first is that it can deter many criminals. Knowing that their faces and/or vehicles may be caught on camera may make them think twice about committing a crime on the property. Additionally, with video cameras, security personnel at your site can see many different locations at one time. This means that they can detect an issue even when they’re not physically present. If a crime does occur, video surveillance can also help authorities catch the perpetrators and also give you insight on how to improve security to stop similar threats in future. 

Access control is also an important part of security for oil refineries. Securing the perimeter can help prevent unauthorized people and vehicles onto your site. This includes sturdy perimeters like fences as well as access control gates that let employees in and keep potential criminals out. In addition to access control, it also helps to include intrusion alarms to detect if someone does get past your perimeters and other security measures.

Security Solutions from Securecomm Technologies

Our team at Securecomm Technologies provides custom security solutions for properties throughout the Greater Houston area. We work with you to create effective security systems whether you need Houston office security systems or industrial security for your petroleum refinery. Our experts design and install systems using technology and equipment from trusted manufacturers so you have peace of mind your property is protected. Get in touch now to request a quote for your security system needs.