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Security camera with Houston video surveillance of a store
Houston video surveillance gives you a visual on what goes on in your business to prevent slip and fall scammers.

Many businesses invest in Houston video surveillance to help deter and catch crimes such as break ins and employee theft. However, another way security cameras can help your business is by preventing unnecessary payouts for slip and fall scams. These scams cost businesses billions of dollars every year and can put your business at risk for higher insurance premiums and other issues. Let’s discuss how security cameras help protect your business from false slip and fall claims.

Houston Video Surveillance is Critical For Preventing Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and falls are one of the most common premises liability claims for businesses. Payments for these claims can be into the tens of thousands of dollars based on the extent of the injuries. However, the problem is that some people will make the claim even when they’re not injured. This is insurance fraud, but many are never caught. False slip and fall claims can damage your company’s reputation and increase insurance premiums. Therefore, it’s important to guard against this common scam to protect your business.

Common Versions of the Slip and Fall Scam

There are a number of ways scammers use premises liability to get payouts from vulnerable businesses. Usually they include two people (though there are certainly scammers who act alone). Typically, one person will spill water, oil, or something else slippery on the floor surreptitiously and the second person will walk toward it and pretend to fall. The first person typically also serves as a witness to their fall. Once they get money from your business, usually they split the money and go on to do this to another business. 

How Security Cameras Help You Avoid Liability

However, having security cameras as part of your Houston business security systems can help you avoid these false claims against your insurance. 

First, knowing that you have security cameras can deter potential scammers from trying this form of insurance fraud. After all, it’s likely they would get caught if they tried it in your business, so they might avoid doing it altogether. 

However, in other cases scammers may still try to fake a slip and fall. In these cases, you can pull up the Houston video surveillance to see what really happened. This can clear you of any liability and often lead to criminal charges for the scammers. 

The key is to make sure that you have security cameras that cover anywhere a scammer might try to fake a fall. It’s also important to use security cameras that provide good quality Houston video surveillance footage. If things are blurry because of lower quality cameras, then it may be hard to disprove the alleged fall. 

Solutions for Custom Houston Business Security Systems & Video Surveillance from Securecomm Technologies

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