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Make sure you know the laws regarding Houston video surveillance before installing cameras at your business.

Houston video surveillance is popular for many businesses. Installing security cameras not only acts as a deterrent for many criminals. They can also help catch crimes in progress and provide critical information to law enforcement after a crime has happened. One common question we get is whether you can combine audio with your business security cameras. We will explore this question in this blog.

Can I Combine Houston Video Surveillance with Audio Recording?

Many Houston industrial security camera systems do include devices that can capture audio. Therefore, we do certainly have the technology. However, whether or not it’s legal to record audio and video in your business is the biggest question. 

Both federal and Texas laws do typically prohibit third parties from recording private conversations. Also, laws prevent you from recording in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. One example would be in bathrooms and changing rooms. 

While Texas is a one-party consent state for audio recordings, this actually means that at least one person who is actively taking part in the conversation must know and consent to being recorded. 

Since Houston video surveillance can capture footage even when you as the business owner are not in the building, this typically means that you’re not an active participant in every conversation that happens in your building. As such, it would be illegal to record audio of conversations among your employees and customers.

Unless you inform every single person that enters your facility that they may you’re recording video and audio, then there’s not really a way to ensure that at least one person involved in every conversation knows and consents to their conversations being recorded.

There is some gray area in the laws, as laws do typically allow you to record video and audio in public areas where there is no expectation of privacy. However, most business owners play it safe and do not record audio as part of their Houston video surveillance strategies. The good news is that camera footage is often plenty to help reduce crime in your building, so audio usually isn’t necessary anyway. 

Why Install Houston Industrial Security Camera Systems?

When designing your Houston commercial security systems, there are many reasons to include cameras in your system. We mentioned a few benefits briefly at the beginning of this article, but let’s go over some of the main reasons business owners in Houston install security cameras. 

  1. They deter some criminals: Knowing that they could get caught, some criminals will not target businesses with security camera systems.
  2. Help identify employee crimes: Employee theft is a serious concern for many businesses. If inventory is going missing, Houston video surveillance footage may help you catch them. 
  3. Prevent false accusations: Unfortunately, many opportunists make false accusations against businesses every day, such as slip and fall accidents, to try to get money out of you. With security cameras, you can review past footage to confirm what happened to avoid liability for false accusations. 
  4. Catch criminals: Many business owners have been able to identify crimes in action and alert police ASAP. From there, law enforcement may be able to catch the criminal red handed. However, if they do escape, you have footage of the crime and what they look like so police can track them down. 

Custom Solutions for Houston Commercial Security Systems from Securecomm Technologies

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