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intruder trying to get into a building with Houston security intrusion alarms
Houston security intrusion alarms help protect your facility from intruders and burglars.

Houston security intrusion alarms give you peace of mind your business is protected from unauthorized entry. These systems integrate with other security and safety equipment to provide total protection for your facility. In this article, we’ll explain what these alarms are and some common components to choose from for your intruder alarms.

What are Houston Security Intrusion Alarms?

Houston security intrusion alarms are essentially alarms that alert you to an intruder. There may be many reasons why someone would want to break into your business, including burglary and vandalism. Unfortunately, many businesses experience break-ins every day. 

Intruder alarms can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. They can also help you get law enforcement out quickly in case of a break-in. These alarms detect when someone enters your building that shouldn’t. They then notify key personnel and law enforcement to help get the intruder out as quickly as possible. They also integrate with other systems, like Houston access control systems, to provide you with a comprehensive system where you can find controls all in one place. 

Sensors & Components for Intruder Detection

So, how do Houston security intrusion alarms detect an intruder? There are several types of sensors you can include in your system to help with this. Some include:

  • Contact Sensors: These sensors rely on constant contact between two pieces to work. When contact is broken, the alarm sounds. These work well for window and door sensors, as they will sound an alarm if an intruder manages to open a window or door to gain access to your business. 
  • Motion Sensors: Motion sensors detect when there is movement in your facility. These work well for your Houston business security systems after hours when no one should be in your building. If they detect motion inside, then they will initiate an alarm. 
  • Infrared Sensors: Infrared sensors sense heat in your building. They are there to detect heat changes associated with an intruder’s body and can be effective at determining when an intruder is in your business. 
  • Sound Sensors: These sensors for your intruder alarm help detect sounds that might indicate an intruder, such as talking, rummaging, or breaking things. 
  • Glass Break Sensors: Glass break sensors detect if an intruder breaks glass, such as in a window, to gain access to your facility. They work either by listening for sounds of breaking glass or by feeling vibrations from someone trying to break the glass. 
  • Panic Buttons: In some cases, there may be an intruder when one of your staff is inside. If your employees notice someone who shouldn’t be there, they can use the panic button to initiate the intruder alarm and get help. 

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your system to your needs. Our security experts are here to help you design your intruder alarm to perfectly fit your security concerns.

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