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Houston video surveillance camera
Choose the right type of security camera for effective Houston video surveillance.

If you’re considering installing or replacing Houston video surveillance systems, there are many different options to consider. As you look at different solutions, you might notice that there are IP cameras and analog cameras. These are essentially two different types of cameras that work different ways. There are many pros and cons to consider for these different options for business security cameras. 

IP vs. Analog Houston Video Surveillance Cameras

First, what is the difference between IP cameras and analog cameras? Analog cameras are the traditional form of CCTV, while internet protocol (IP) cameras are a newer Houston video surveillance technology. 

Security specialists typically must hardwire analog cameras to DVR systems on-site for storage. Analog video surveillance systems send and receive data through special camera cabling. In most cases, analog cameras offer a lower resolution picture, typically fractions of a megapixel. They also often have fewer features and capabilities compared to IP cameras.

IP security cameras, on the other hand, use the internet to transmit data. The cameras use either a WIFI connection or a wired internet connection to upload video footage, often to the cloud. They frequently offer more visibility, specialized sensors, and compatibility with video analytics. Compared to analog cameras, there are significantly fewer cables needed for IP security cameras, yet they offer higher image resolution of typically between one and five megapixels.

Which Type of Camera is Best for Houston Office Security Systems?

So, which types of cameras are best for your Houston office security systems? Obviously, this really comes down to your needs and budget. Analog cameras can be a good option if you have a tight budget, as they often cost less than IP cameras. However, they do require more complex installation with lots of cabling throughout your building. That cabling also needs ongoing maintenance, so be sure you factor these expenses into the total cost of analog cameras. 

In most cases, IP cameras make the most sense for businesses today. IP security cameras are becoming more and more affordable and offer better quality images and capabilities that can help offer tighter security. Also, IP cameras are easier to install as well as easier to change and scale as your company’s video surveillance needs change. IP cameras are often well worth the investment for your business security systems. 

If you’re not sure which option works best for your business, talk to a video surveillance expert. Our team listens to your goals, needs, and budget to find solutions tailored to you. We can walk you through the options and help design a security camera system for your building.

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