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Houston commercial fire alarm system with sound and flashing light
You can tie Houston commercial fire alarm systems into security systems to help protect your business and those inside.

Houston commercial fire alarm systems are obviously important for protecting the people inside your building. However, have you ever thought about how they interact with your security systems? If you haven’t already integrated fire and security systems, now may be the perfect time. Learn why it may make sense to link these incredibly important systems in your building. 

Why Integrate Houston Commercial Fire Alarm Systems with Security Systems?

Why not just keep your fire safety and Houston business security systems separate? Of course, this is an option, but it might not be the best idea. See, integrating the two comes with a lot of different benefits, like ease-of-use, easier monitoring, and more. Two of the most common reasons businesses choose to bring these important systems together is because it offers better protection and is often a more cost-effective option. 

More Effective Protection

If you’re thinking about security and fire systems, then you’re probably considering how best to protect your building and those inside it. Well, integrating the two may offer even more effective protection against security and life safety issues. 

For example, when the fire alarm goes off, you can use other tools, like Houston video surveillance, to confirm there’s a fire and it’s not a false alarm. Then, the system can automatically shut down access control systems for quick and easy evacuation during a fire. Also, you can use your mass notification systems to not only inform people of a fire, but what path to take to escape. 

Having these tools at your disposal can also help you gather essential information for first responders. You can often pinpoint where the fire started, how far it’s spread, and even assess other factors like how much smoke there is, how big it is, etc. This information can be invaluable to fire personnel. 

Therefore, integrating the fire alarm systems in your building with security systems can offer an extra layer of protection in a few different ways. 


Another benefit of choosing a connected commercial security and fire alarm system is that it can be incredibly cost-effective.

Sure, you can choose two different companies to come in and install these different systems. However, this is going to take a lot longer, and often cost a lot more money. It’s usually much more efficient for one company to install it all at once, from motion sensors and security cameras to fire alarm systems. 

Also, maintenance and inspections are easier when you work with the same company for both. In many cases, you can have both systems checked at the same time when they’re integrated. Once again, this is more efficient and can save time and money for your business. So, cost is another benefit of integrated fire and security systems.

Security and Houston Commercial Fire Alarm Systems at Securecomm Technologies

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