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Regular security audits help you determine if your Houston business security systems need to be upgraded.

If you have Houston business security systems, it’s still important to conduct regular assessments of your facility’s security needs. Doing a yearly audit can help you make sure your security measures are still effective and that you’re addressing vulnerabilities to the risks your business faces. 

Why Audit Houston Business Security Systems?

If you already have Houston business security systems, then why do you need to conduct an audit? As your business grows and changes, so will your security needs. A commercial security audit can help you identify any weaknesses. This helps you plan for changes that need to take place. For example, you may have significantly more people with access to your building than you did a year ago. Also, you may face different risks, like rising crime rates or other issues in your area. Setting aside some time to evaluate your current systems and processes based on potential threats can go a long way in keeping your business as secure as possible. 

A security assessment for your business addresses many different things, including: 

  • Potential risks
  • Which risks your office is most vulnerable to
  • Current Houston business security systems
  • Current security procedures
  • Business emergency plan
  • Security awareness among your staff

Therefore, learn how to conduct a comprehensive audit for your Houston office security systems

Steps for a Security Audit for Your Business

The first step you should take during your company’s security audit is make a list of all the risks your business faces. Some things to look at include crime rates in the area, the most common types of crime in the area, access points to your facility, and other information. Also, don’t forget to consider both human risks, like burglary, and natural risks, like fires. 

Next, you and your audit team will need to rank these risks based on how likely you are to encounter them. For example, Houston’s crime index only ranks 4 out of 100, making robust Houston business security systems particularly necessary to help guard your business against burglary and other crimes. 

You will also need to look at your current security systems and if you have any vulnerabilities. For example, do you have good systems inside, but lack lighting and cameras in the parking lot? Do you have access control systems? Are your Houston commercial fire alarm systems well maintained? Try triggering alarms or testing the strength of your locks to get a good sense of where you could improve security. Be honest about where your facility is and how you can help improve security in your building. Also, talk to your employees about their security awareness. Do they know how to report suspicious activity? Do they know what to do during an emergency? Technological systems aren’t the only important factors to consider. 

Custom Houston Business Security Systems from Experienced Security Pros

After completing a security audit, you can start improving total security for your business. At Securecomm Technologies, our experts help you design custom security solutions for your needs and budget. We are proud to offer the most advanced and practical solutions to help you protect your business. Call us today at (281) 290-8383 to schedule a free system demonstration!