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Houston automatic barrier gates help keep your business safe and secure. However, they do need a little TLC now and then to keep them functioning properly. So, make sure you’re keeping up with routine and preventative maintenance. This helps prevent breakdowns, security vulnerabilities, and even dangers of malfunctioning barriers. 

Types of Maintenance Houston Automatic Barrier Gates Need

Houston automatic barrier gates help keep unwanted people off your property. They’re also mechanical devices. So, they need some important maintenance to help them keep working properly. Just like your car or other machines, they need routine service!

Inspect the Gate

remote operated Houston automatic barrier gate
Test Houston automatic barrier gates as part of your routine maintenance program.

One of the easiest things you can do to help maintain your security gates is to do a quick visual inspection every couple of months. First, look at the overall condition of the gate. Note any issues like rusting, crooked components, or just overall wear. 

Next, test the gate’s operation. Watch it open and close to make sure it does so properly and smoothly. If catches on anything or makes odd noises, it may be time to get a repairman out for your Houston automatic barrier gates. 

It’s also important to test the safety features for your gate. While Houston business security systems are designed to keep out intruders, you don’t want anyone to get hurt in the process. So, as you’re testing the gate operation, you also want to try out safety features like emergency open and stop buttons or automatic reversing when objects are in the way.

Lubricate Moving Parts on your Houston Automatic Barrier Gates

You’ll also need to lubricate the gate regularly. Much of this depends on the type of gate you have. For example, you might need to lubricate a chain for a sliding security gate, or you might need to simply oil hinges for other types of gates. Check with the manufacturer for how often to lubricate gate components, which components to lubricate, and also what type of grease to use. Generally, WD-40 isn’t going to cut it and can actually damage your gate. So, make sure you know exactly what to use! You can also call in a professional for security barrier maintenance

Clean your Barriers Regularly

Don’t forget to give the gate a good cleaning and wax every few months as well! Dirt and debris can get stuck in the moving parts and interfere with normal operation. They can also increase the risk for rust and corrosion. A good cleaning and some wax can help prevent this.

Well-Maintained Gates Help Your Houston Business Security Systems 

So, why is maintenance so important for your Houston automatic barrier gates? First and foremost, a malfunctioning gate can leave your facility less protected against security issues. A gate that gets stuck open can let anyone in, while one that gets stuck closed won’t let necessary personnel in. 

Also, poorly maintained gates can cost a fortune in repairs and replacements. If you have security gates, you made a good investment in physical security. Protect that investment!

Without proper maintenance, you could end up paying more in the long run for frequent gate repairs and replacements. Imagine not changing the oil in your car for several years and trying to take it on a long road trip… 

So, make sure your business performs regular maintenance for gates and other security system components to keep them in great shape. 

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