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Houston video surveillance in public areas like hallways can help deter crime in your hospital.

Many healthcare facilities could benefit from having Houston video surveillance as part of their security systems. However, many facility managers may wonder if they can put up cameras. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a common concern when it comes to healthcare security cameras. However, there are ways to both protect your patients’ privacy while still maintaining security for your facility.

Benefits of Houston Video Surveillance for Healthcare Facilities

Video cameras are a common part of Houston office security systems because they help deter crime. Security camera footage is also valuable after an incident, as it can help law enforcement find the responsible party. Houston video surveillance can also help deter internal crime. Healthcare facilities can be particularly vulnerable to crime, as they are open to the public and often contain expensive equipment, cash, and medications. Internal drug theft can also be a serious issue. Cameras can help cut down on these issues as a part of your overall security plan. However, you may wonder if cameras are HIPAA compliant.

Making Houston Video Surveillance HIPAA-Friendly

HIPAA’s privacy rule helps protect patients from privacy breaches and is an important consideration for every healthcare facility. When it comes to Houston video surveillance, you need to consider HIPAA regulations. With a few things in mind, you can design your security camera system to be compliant with laws regarding patient privacy. The main considerations are where the cameras are and who has access to the footage. 

Camera Placement

Houston video surveillance in healthcare facilities is legal so long as they don’t record in places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. For example, some areas where most people expect some privacy include exam rooms, restrooms, labs, and operating rooms. Therefore, you want to make sure security cameras don’t capture video or audio in these areas, as this could be a HIPAA violation. You also want to make sure that the cameras will not be able to capture protected health information. Therefore, consider which devices and computers the cameras point toward.

Instead, you can install Houston video surveillance cameras in common or public areas. For example, you can place security cameras at entrances and exits, in parking lots, in elevators, in hallways, in the lobby, and other such places. 

Footage Access

Another important consideration is who will be able to access security camera footage in your healthcare facility. Even if your cameras are placed correctly for HIPAA compliance, you still need to protect the footage. Restrict access to security camera streaming and archived recordings to only necessary personnel. Also, make sure that viewing is only done on secure devices in restricted areas of your healthcare facility. This can help you maintain patient privacy with video surveillance measures.

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