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Installing Houston video surveillance can help prevent theft and reduce losses from crime.

Houston video surveillance has some pretty obvious benefits for your business. However, what many business owners don’t realize is that they can actually help you save on one of your important overhead costs: insurance.

Security cameras can help reduce your company’s insurance costs directly and indirectly, leading to savings for your business. 

Installing Houston Video Surveillance Cameras Can Directly Impact Your Business Insurance Premium

Did you know that many insurance companies offer discounted premiums if you have security cameras and Houston business security systems? So, you could be improving safety and security at your facility and saving money. 

When you have Houston video surveillance, this does two things that incentivizes the insurance company to charge less. First, it helps deter crime. Also, it can help reduce losses even if it doesn’t deter a criminal. This means that the insurance company will pay less on average for insurance claims from your business. That means they’re more likely to reduce your regular rates because you’re taking steps to mitigate any risks. 

It’s important to note that not every insurance company offers discounts for video cameras and systems. Those that do may offer various deals, often between 5 and 20%. In addition, some insurance companies have specific requirements to qualify for these discounts. For example, a common requirement is that cameras must be tied into a central system that can contact the authorities automatically. 

Comprehensive Houston Business Security Systems Can Help Reduce the Number of Claims Your Business Must File

Also, installing Houston video surveillance for your business can help reduce the number of claims you make with your insurance. As you well know, filing a claim can lead to your insurance premiums increasing. Security cameras may help deter crime to help save you from having to file as many claims. 

One study found that about 40% of small businesses will have to file a claim against their property or liability insurance within a 10 year span. Unfortunately, many of these businesses end up paying much more for their insurance because they may be more risky to insure. 

However, Houston video surveillance can act as a pretty powerful deterrent for crime. One of the most common types of business insurance claims is for theft and burglary. Installing security systems and cameras can help reduce your risk of this type of crime. Most thieves and burglars want an easy target and will avoid companies with cameras to prevent getting caught. Therefore, making your cameras visible can help deter crime that may increase your business insurance rates. 

In addition, false slip-and-fall claims can have major impacts on your business, including raising your business insurance premiums. The average slip-and-fall accident costs about $22,000. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of businesses by filing false slip-and-fall claims. However, security footage can help offer proof whether their claim is legitimate or not to help stop false claims from sliding through and increasing your rates. 

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