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Alarms as part of your Houston business security systems can help deter burglars.

Did you know that small businesses are four times more likely to be victims of burglary than homes? Houston business security systems can help reduce the risk of burglaries. Security systems can make your business an unattractive target to criminals. Prevention and deterrence are key to protecting your business from losses due to burglaries.

Houston Business Security Systems Help Deter Burglaries

Intruder alarms as part of your Houston business security systems are a good way to deter burglary. First, if you make it known that your business has alarms, many people will pass on trying to break into your business. Also, should they still try, the alarm reduces the amount of time they can remain in your building undetected. Houston business security systems can force burglars to leave more quickly and without as much of your inventory or hard-earned money.

Another important component of your security systems are Houston video surveillance cameras. Visible cameras can also make your business unattractive to a criminal. Cameras increase the likelihood of catching the burglar. Also, video footage can come in handy even after a burglary takes place. First, it offers evidence for any insurance claim you may file for the event. Also, camera footage can help law enforcement find the person responsible. This can help increase your company’s chance of recovering your losses after burglary. Therefore, Houston business security systems are a good idea for businesses who may be at risk.

Other Tips for Reducing the Risk of Burglaries

According to the Houston police department, commercial security alarms, updated locks, and good lighting can help make you a less likely target for burglaries. Therefore, in addition to creating Houston business security systems for your company’s needs, there are other steps you can take to prevent burglaries. Bright lighting on your property is a great way to make burglars find somewhere else to go, as it can make it difficult to hide. Ensure you place plenty of lighting and reduce obstructions that could conceal criminals on your property. Where this is impossible, be sure to include extra security measures, like cameras, in these areas.

Another important part of protecting your business is moving valuable inventory toward the center of your building. Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, meaning it’s easy for the criminal to quickly break in and take valuables without getting caught. The further away from potential entry places your inventory is, the longer it will take the burglar to reach the items. These extra seconds can make the difference between getting caught in the act or not, and many burglars aren’t willing to take the risk. Therefore, installing commercial security systems and thinking like a criminal can help reduce your company’s risk of being burglarized.

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