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Houston video surveillance catches fraud in the act to protect your business.

Did you know that businesses can lose up to 5% of revenue due to fraud? Houston video surveillance can help protect your business against fraudulent accident claims. Unfortunately, business owners every day end up paying for fraudulent accidents. However, with proof from your Houston video surveillance, you can avoid throwing money away on false accident claims.

How Does Houston Video Surveillance Protect Your Business Against Fraud?

When someone claims they had an accident in your business, you may be liable for their injuries unless you can prove you’re not responsible. In these cases, it’s almost impossible to gather evidence without Houston video surveillance. Even if someone sees others staging the accident, often witnesses won’t get involved. Therefore, Houston video surveillance can help protect against dishonest accident claims. Video footage of fraudulent accidents also comes in handy for law enforcement. This evidence can help them charge criminals with fraud. Therefore, cameras as part of your Houston business security systems are necessary to protect your business from fraud.

Types of Fraud You May be Able to Stop with Houston Video Surveillance

Part of preventing fraud includes placing your cameras in areas where people may try to take advantage of your business. Therefore, you need Houston video surveillance in both public and employee-only areas.

Employee Fraud

Unfortunately, even your employees may turn to fraud if given the opportunity. In fact, fraudulent employee accidents may occur more often than false customer accidents. When an employee injures themselves in your business, your workers compensation insurance pays for their injuries and damages. To receive workers compensation, an employee only needs to prove that they were working within the scope of their employment when the accident occurred. However, without security cameras, it can be difficult to prove false employee accident claims. Therefore, ensure you have video cameras anywhere your employees might be as part of your Houston office security systems.

Customer Fraud

By contrast, if a customer claims that you’re at fault for their accident, they must prove the following:
  • You knew or should have known about the hazard
  • You didn’t take action or warn them of the hazard
  • They weren’t at fault for the accident
Sadly, many business owners without office security cameras may be responsible for false claims. With video footage, you may be able to prove, for example, that there were wet floor signs to warn of a slipping hazard. Therefore, ensure you include cameras as part of your Houston office security systems to prevent fraud and other crime in your business.

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