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Your Houston office security systems professionals can help you install communication systems and signage for areas of rescue in your building.

Your Houston office security systems help keep everyone in your building safe. As part of your security and safety systems, you may need areas of rescue in your building. Areas of rescue give those with mobility issues a place to wait for first responders if they’re unable to exit your buildingWhen designing your Houston office security systems, ask about areas of rescue for your buildingYour Houston business security systems experts can help you determine whether you need areas of rescueAdditionally, they’ll help you find the most practical way to integrate them into your safety and security systems.

Integrating Areas of Rescue with Your Houston Office Security Systems

Areas of rescue aren’t just a specific location in your building. They require special equipment that are part of your Houston office security systems. First, your areas of rescue need ADA approved signage so people can identify them. Additionally, each area of rescue must have a two-way communication system. These systems are similar to the intercoms you may already have as part of your Houston office security systemsHowever, these communication systems must call specific areas of your building. In many buildings, the system must report to the main entrance to your building. However, in high rise buildings, they must go to your building’s fire command center. These communication systems notify your staff that someone is waiting for rescue. They can then give this information to first responders during an emergency.

Which Buildings Need Areas of Rescue?

Not sure whether you need areas of rescue in your building? Your Houston office security systems specialists can help you determine if your building must have areas of rescue. Building codes and ADA laws may require you to have an area of rescue. Generally, any building that has inaccessible exits will need areas of rescue. For example, if you only have stairwell exits, you likely need areas of rescue. Stairwells, elevator lobbies, and exit corridors are common areas your Houston business security systems professionals will place areas of rescue.

In some cases, your building may be exempt from these codes. If your building only has Houston commercial fire alarm systems for fire safety, you will need areas of rescueHowever, if you also have approved automatic sprinkler systems, you may not need areas of rescue in your buildingTherefore, it’s important to understand the codes and laws around areas of rescue.

At Securecomm Technologies, our team offers customized security and safety systems for your business. We can help you set up areas of rescue, security cameras, fire alarms, and more. We work with a wide range of industries, from hospitals to warehouses, to help protect your staff and your businessCall us today at (281) 290-8383 to start designing your customized security system or to request a free system demonstration at our office. We are here to serve you.