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Do your Houston office security systems alert you to workplace shootings?

Many people think that a workplace shooting would never happen to them. However, many people die every year from workplace shootings. You can add active shooter detection to many types of Houston office security systems. This can help give your employees precious extra seconds to get to safety. You should have an active shooter plan in place for your business. Also, consider investing in shooter detection as part of your Houston office security systems.

Active Shooter Detection as Part of Your Houston Office Security Systems

Without the right Houston business security systems, your building could be vulnerable. Mass shootings can happen anywhere or any time. This particularly dangerous form of workplace violence often results in lost lives. In most cases, office shooters are people involved with your business, such as a former employee or someone who knows one of your staff members. For example, a shooting at an office near Houston in March 2019 involved a gunman whose wife worked at the office. Therefore, an office shooting can occur any time, for any reason. Be prepared and help protect your employees with advanced Houston office security systems that will help alert your staff to an active shooter.

How Shooter Detection Systems Work

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System uses acoustic and infrared technology, as well as a floor plan of your building to detect an active shooter. This system not only alerts you of a shooter, but also identifies where they are in your building. As part of your Houston office security systems, a shooter detection system sends information about the shooter’s location in sub-one second via text message or email. It also notifies law enforcement to help reduce response times. Additionally, you may be able to integrate these active shooting detectors with your existing Houston office security systems, such as video surveillance, access control, and mass notification systems.

As a technologically advanced shooter detection system, it automates the process of detecting and alerting you of a shooter. This helps remove the risk of delays. In addition, it also performs self-tests and instantly notifies you of needed maintenance. This means it’s effective, convenient, and simple. Also, a shooter detection system can give you peace of mind. They reduce response time and can seamlessly integrate with all the other components of your Houston business security systems.

At Securecomm Technologies, we offer customizable commercial security systems to help you protect your business. We work with all types of organizations to help you improve your security. Our team believes that everyone deserves an advanced security system. Therefore, we offer options to completely customize your system based on your security needs and budget. Whether you need Houston commercial fire alarm systems or video surveillance cameras, call our experts at (281) 290-8383 to schedule a free system demonstration. We are here to serve you.