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The right Houston office security systems will use physical security as the first line of defense against data theft.

Data protection is an important responsibility for many businesses. Unfortunately, many companies focus on tech-based safety measures and neglect physical Houston office security systems. Physical security can help prevent unauthorized access to areas where criminals can obtain sensitive information. Therefore, you should pair computer security measures with comprehensive Houston office security systems for the best data protection.

Access Control for Your Houston Office Security Systems

One of the best ways to help deter or delay a would-be data thief is to control who has entry to your building. Access control systems are a critical part of your Houston business security systems, as they help you manage who has access to your confidential data. If an attacker gains entry to your building, they have access to your network, servers, and other areas that can allow them to steal sensitive information. Therefore, install access control systems to prevent these criminals from retrieving private data and information.

Using Camera Systems to Monitor Vulnerable Areas

Additionally, during your physical security survey, you should evaluate which areas may be vulnerable to attack and data theft. For areas that are more susceptible to attack, install cameras as part of your Houston office security systems. Cameras can help you monitor areas that criminals may be more likely to retrieve data from. They may also deter an attacker, as they increase the likelihood that they will be identified after the fact. Therefore, cameras can be a critical component of your Houston office security systems.

Perimeter Barriers and Houston Automatic Barrier Gates

In addition to these commercial security measures, you should also try to prevent access to your grounds with perimeter barriers and Houston automatic barrier gates. Fences and other barriers add another layer of security that attackers must get through. Combined with other measures, there may be several layers to security that a criminal must get through, which could delay or deter a data thief. With barrier gates, you provide access control to your parking areas and property, while still allowing your employees to come in freely. Houston automatic barrier gates help streamline this process and make it faster for employees to gain entry than manual gates operated by a security guard. Therefore, you can achieve added security without inconveniencing your personnel with automatic barrier gates.

At SecureComm, Inc., we have the advanced technical knowledge and products you need to secure your building. We have provided security systems for a wide range of businesses, large and small. Therefore, we have experience with all types of security needs. Our team can help you design, install, and implement your security measures for the best results. We also offer customized solutions to expertly address your building’s unique security threats. Call us today at (281) 290-8383 to schedule a free system demonstration and to discuss your needs with our experts. At SecureComm, we are here to help you protect your business.