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Houston commercial fire alarm systems help you stay safe.

Houston commercial fire alarm systems help save lives and prevent costly damage if a fire breaks out. Fire alarm technology has advanced to be more effective at detecting and alerting your building to a fire. There are two key components to Houston commercial fire alarm systems: initiating devices and notification devices. Both types of fire alarm systems use these devices. However, they differ in how they relay information to a control panel. While conventional fire alarms use electricity, addressable systems utilize binary code to alert your building to a fire. Addressable fire systems can often better help your business in the event of a fire.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems relay information through electrical currents. When these systems detect a fire, they increase the current in your circuit. This sounds the alarm that a fire has started. There are a few disadvantages to these systems. First, because these are tied to your building’s circuits, these Houston commercial fire alarm systems can support a limited number of devices. They also don’t give the control panel data about where the fire is or what factors caused the alarm to initiate. Because of these drawbacks, conventional systems are typically only used in smaller buildings. However, more and more businesses, large and small, are switching to addressable systems instead.

Addressable Houston Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

In contrast to conventional systems, addressable fire alarm systems send information to the control panel via binary code. Binary code is the same language that computers operate on. This technology means they can provide vital information, like fire location and how much heat or smoke sensors detect. Typically, these systems support more devices, as they require less wiring and don’t use circuits to operate.

Since sensors are adjustable and less sensitive to things like dust accumulation, these systems also cut down on false alarms. You can also integrate addressable systems into your current Houston business security systems. This can help you feel at ease that your livelihood and staff are well protected.

Additionally, with these systems firefighters know where a fire is. If emergency responders don’t know the location of a fire, they have to spread out and find it. This may delay their efforts and increase the amount of time it takes to put out the fire. Even a few minutes can make a difference for your staff and building. Therefore, these systems can help fire fighters put out flames more quickly.

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