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Houston office security systemsIn 2017 alone, 18,400 people in the United States were injured and another 458 were killed as a result of workplace violence. Installing Houston office security systems can help protect your employees from these crimes. Prevention is key to create a safe environment for your employees. Along with a few other steps, Houston business security systems can help you stop these crimes from occurring.

What Is Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence is defined as violence or threat of violence against an employee. There are 4 main categories of workplace violence:

  • Criminal intent is when the perpetrator has no relation to the person or business. For example, violence during a theft.
  • Customer violence is when a client or customer attacks an employee.
  • Worker-on-worker violence is when coworkers engage in violence or threats. Oftentimes, this type of violence is directed at lower-ranking employees.
  • Personal relationship violence is when someone who has a relationship to an employee outside of work commits or threatens violence against that person during work. For example, a significant other coming into the workplace to threaten or hurt their partner.

Each of these issues can end in emotional trauma, injury, or even death. Therefore, it’s important to protect your employees to the best of your ability against such violence.

Where does it Happen?

Workplace violence can occur anywhere. Those in certain occupations are at a higher risk of being victims, such as healthcare workers, service providers, and educators. However, no industry is safe from these crimes.

One of the most common reasons for workplace violence is revenge after termination. Nearly every business has had to fire someone at one time or another, which puts them at risk. Additionally, even if your company has never terminated an employee, workplace violence can be perpetrated by your customers or criminals intent on stealing from your business. For this reason, every company can be in danger. Therefore, Houston office security systems are a must to help keep your employees safe.

How Can Houston Office Security Systems Help?

First and foremost, you should institute a workplace violence prevention program. This should include an emergency plan, as well as employee education on what workplace violence is. Additionally, you can help secure your building from violence by installing Houston office security systems. Video surveillance, alarms, and access control systems can deter workplace violence. Access control systems prevent unauthorized entry for potential wrong-doers. Also, your workers and customers will be less likely to commit workplace violence if they know they are on camera.

In the event of unavoidable workplace violence, alarms can stop the issue quickly, and perpetrators can be identified easily with video camera footage. Therefore, Houston business security systems are a must for your company.

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