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Houston Office Security SystemsYour Houston office security systems are vital to safeguarding your company from intruders. Using both video surveillance with advanced access control is often the very best way to manage your security concerns. Working with a company that is experienced in creating integrated Houston business security systems is a great way to help ensure that your company’s property and people are protected.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

Working with a company that specializes in security systems is a great first step to give you better peace of mind and safety. They can recommend systems that will work best for you. For example, electronic access control systems offer many benefits for your Houston business. Some different advantages are:

  • Access control cards can be activated and deactivated immediately. This prevents unapproved entry to your facilities as soon as a loss or theft is reported. By contrast, traditional key systems need rekeying when keys go missing. This could end up costing hundreds of dollars every time an employee loses a key.
  • The same ease of activation and deactivation makes it very simple to remove access from employees who have resigned or been terminated.
  • You can set up specific parameters regarding times when your building is open for employees. Otherwise, it will require special permission for people to be inside your facility. This can eliminate issues with unsupervised employees inside your building. Additionally, your access control system can track employee movements inside your facility to offer greater safety and security for your staff.

These benefits can even be enhanced when paired with Houston video surveillance cameras and recording systems.

Incorporating Video Surveillance

Video cameras are an important addition to your Houston business security systems. A state-of-the-art video surveillance and recording system provides valuable support for your other Houston office security systems. With them, you can provide actionable information to police during and after a break-in at your facility. With the latest in access control and monitoring, your security system will provide thorough protection for your property and people.

At Securecomm Technologies, we customize Houston office security systems to suit your needs. Our team can create the right options to fit you and your budget perfectly. Call us today at 281-290-8393 for a quote or to schedule a free system demonstration in our Houston office. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create the safest environment for your staff members and your business operations.