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Automatic Barrier GatesYou depend on your Houston automatic barrier gates to provide control over who visits your commercial properties. These systems work best in conjunction with advanced Houston video surveillance cameras and recording systems that are pointed toward the entry points to your property. Automatic barrier gates are ideally suited to businesses that require added help in managing access to areas where inventory is stored, business operations are conducted, and staff members carry out their daily activities. Here are some of the most important ways in which automatic barrier gate systems can help you improve your Houston office security systems.

Ensuring Added Security for Government Facilities

Making sure federal, state and local offices are protected against unauthorized intrusion is critical to protect people and property from those who might do them harm. Installing Houston automatic barrier gates will provide a line of protection against these intruders and will help to keep your equipment, your facility and your personnel as safe as possible.

Establishing Perimeters for Chemical Processing Plants

Chemical processing operations are also good candidates for the installation of Houston automatic barrier gates. The hazards associated with chemical reactions and toxic materials make these facilities an attractive target for vandals and other individuals with criminal intent. By installing a heavy-duty automatic barrier gate system with integrated communications and always-on security, your chemical plant will be well-protected against unauthorized entry.

Protecting Oil Refineries and Processing Facilities

The oil and gas industry is another area in which security is a key concern. An integrated access control system that incorporates barrier gates, video surveillance, alarms and fire safety equipment will help your oil and gas company to maintain adequate security at your facilities. Access control systems are available with card reader and keypad systems, intercom communications and remote-control capabilities to allow comprehensive customization for these advanced security systems.

Securing Office Buildings

Keeping your office space safe and free from distractions and unwanted guests is an essential part of maintaining morale within your company. By working with a company that specializes in the installation of access control systems and automatic barrier gates, your business will enjoy the most productive working environment and the safest setting for your employees, your equipment and your ongoing operations.

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