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Houston Video SurveillanceYour company depends on your Houston video surveillance equipment to provide you with added protection against unwanted intruders and criminal activities. Keeping these camera systems up to date is essential to promote better protection for your facilities. Failing to upgrade your video surveillance systems will potentially leave your company vulnerable and diminish the effectiveness of your Houston office security systems. There are many hidden costs associated with outdated security systems and surveillance cameras in our area.

Poor Image Quality

Older Houston video surveillance equipment will typically produce less clear video images that will provide less help to police if an incident should occur. Upgrading to newer video equipment will allow you to capture higher resolution images and will ensure that your recordings are as useful as possible. High-resolution recordings may allow your company to recover some or all of its stolen property more effectively to save you time and effort in the future.

Increased Risk of Downtime

As video cameras get older, they require more frequent repairs and service visits. Over time, these expenses will often add up to significant financial drains on your company’s budget. Upgrading to newer cameras and equipment will often reduce the need for repairs while ensuring that your systems offer maximum protection for your Houston facilities, offices and stores. 

Inadequate Storage

Older systems typically have less efficient storage methods that limit the amount of footage maintained on these devices. In some cases, the video content may be compressed to save space. This often results in lower image quality and reduced usefulness when intrusions or thefts do occur. Older storage systems are also more prone to failures that may not be spotted until after the damage has been done. Investing in a newer video surveillance system will prevent these issues while ensuring the best outcomes if unauthorized access or theft does occur.

At Securecomm Technologies, we specialize in providing Houston automatic barrier gates, video surveillance and access control options that will ensure the best protection for your facilities, office spaces and retail buildings. We work with you to determine the most effective combination of video monitoring, alarm systems and surveillance options to suit your needs and your budget perfectly. Call our team today at 281-290-8383 to schedule a free demonstration of our systems at our Houston office or to get a quote for your project. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.