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Houston Commercial Fire Alarm SystemsUnderstanding the different types of Houston commercial fire alarm systems can help you to make the right choice for your business premises. In most cases, working with a company that specializes in these systems helps you make practical and cost-effective decisions on behalf of your company. The most common types of fire alarm systems available in our area will provide a better understanding for your safety needs.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems are designed to cover an entire area within your building and to report to a central control panel. These systems can sometimes be linked with a Houston video surveillance system that provides you with more information on the precise location of a fire. In general, however, conventional fire alarms provide minimal information and require monitoring by a staff member to perform effectively. As a result, they are best suited for smaller buildings and commercial properties.

Addressable or Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

An addressable fire alarm system provides greater flexibility in managing fire safety throughout larger facilities or building complexes. Rather than having preset zones, these systems are customized to suit your needs. The control panels are capable of offering much more information and provide detailed information on the number of areas affected by the fire. Because multiple alarms are covered by a single control panel, addressable fire alarm systems identify which alarms have been triggered. This helps first responders to pinpoint the source of the fire much more quickly.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid fire alarm systems combine the features of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. For companies on a strict budget, hybrid systems provide a scalable way to upgrade fire safety without the expense of implementing addressable systems across the facility. By installing addressable fire alarms in key areas and linking all alarms to an upgraded central control panel, your company can gradually make the switch to more advanced fire alarms in every zone within your building.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Most Houston commercial fire alarm systems are hard-wired. For some areas of your commercial property, however, wireless systems that connect to your corporate Wi-Fi system can provide a more practical solution. Wireless systems will enhance the safety of your facility without extensive wiring. This can provide benefits in rooms and areas where wired alarms would be obtrusive or impractical.

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