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Houston Video SurveillanceBuilding automation systems offer an integrated approach to issues of security, safety and access control for companies in our area. A well-designed and implemented building automation system can mesh with Houston video surveillance, fire safety and alarms and access systems to provide comprehensive protection for your facilities and your employees. A combined building automation and access control system can enhance your operations and your security in many ways.

Gathering Information

Integrating your access control system into a primary building automation setup can help you to collect data on the movements of your employees and other visitors to your facilities. This can allow you to manage safety issues and to ensure the most appropriate positioning for fire alarms, Houston video surveillance cameras and other components. By collecting information on the ways in which your employees and guests use your building, you can more effectively deploy your resources to protect these areas against unwanted intrusions and other risks in your working environment.

Saving Energy

Connecting your access controls into your building automation can also provide you with information necessary to manage your HVAC system more efficiently. Paying attention to the times during which certain areas are used and occupied can pay off in lower heating and cooling bills for your business. An integrated system can also provide you with insights into the areas that may need a little extra help in maintaining consistent temperatures throughout your facilities.

Enhancing Safety

By linking your Houston commercial fire alarm systems to your building automation and access control systems, you can ensure the safest environment for your workers and the fastest response times for fire safety personnel. Access control systems can also provide you with clear information about any staff members still within your facility and can help you to take steps to assist in rescuing these individuals from dangerous conditions inside your building.

Improving Security

Creating connections between your security systems, Houston video surveillance, and access controls can also allow you to spot unauthorized entry or exit to your facilities or to secure areas within your building. This can allow you to act quickly to protect your property and your people and to ensure the highest degree of security for your business premises.

At Securecomm Technologies, we specialize in providing integrated Houston office security systems that work to protect your buildings and your employees against unwanted intrusions, fires and other hazardous situations. Our technicians can provide you with an integrated plan that connects your building automation, access control and security systems seamlessly. Call us today at 281-290-8383 to schedule a consultation or to get a quote from us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.