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Traffic Burrier GatesCreating a secure perimeter for your business facility is essential to ensure the safety of your people and your property. Houston automatic barrier gates can provide you with an added degree of control over entry points to your buildings. When combined with other security measures, your barrier gates and perimeter control systems can provide solid protection for your staff members and your inventory. Here are some of the most important facts about security gates and their applications in the industrial environment.

Types of Barrier Gates and How They Work

Barrier gates are typically designed to prevent entry by vehicles or individuals into restricted areas on your property. These gates are available in hydraulic or mechanical models and can be configured in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Swing gates open and close like doors to prevent unauthorized entry by vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Slide gates may be constructed of aluminum or steel and typically move back and forth along a track. Cantilever gates are a specialized type of slide gate that uses counterbalances to provide added help in the opening and closing process.
  • Vertical lift gates and pivot lift gates move up and out of the way, allowing people and cars to move through on demand. These gates require less space than swing gates or slide gates and are ideally suited for industrial installations.
  • Bi-fold gates offer faster opening and closing times for narrow entryways to your buildings or facilities, making them a great choice for pedestrian entrances. These gates retract to each side, providing a pathway for a single vehicle or for individuals entering your Houston facility.

Houston automatic barrier gates are typically powered by electricity and may not be operable during a power outage without some type of electrical backup system

Benefits of Automatic Barrier Gates

Automatic barrier gates can provide a number of security benefits for your facilities, especially when combined with advanced Houston industrial security camera systems. These gates allow your company to monitor the vehicles that enter your property and to track the movements of individuals who pass through these gates. Houston automatic barrier gates can serve as a real deterrent for thieves and vandals and can reduce foot traffic by those without authorization to enter your property. The right barrier gates can significantly increase the sense of security for employees and can reduce the risk to your equipment and inventory to a considerable degree.

Securecomm Technologies can provide you with the most advanced Houston video surveillance and barrier gate technologies to keep your facilities safe and protected against unwanted intruders. We work with you to determine the most effective strategies and installations to protect your building against unwanted intruders. By investing in advanced access control systems from Securecomm Technologies, you can enjoy greater peace of mind regarding your perimeter and interior building security protocols. Call us today at 281-290-8383 to schedule an appointment or get a quote from us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.