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An advanced Houston intercom installation can provide added security and increased communication options for your staff members and your business premises. Working with a qualified commercial security company to implement these systems can help you to enjoy optimal benefits from your new intercoms. Here are some of the most important benefits of business intercoms for your Houston company.

Controlling Access from Outside

Office intercoms are the ideal solution for controlling multiple access points from a centralized location. When combined with Houston automatic barrier gates or other access control solutions, your intercom can allow you to allow entry into your facilities on a case-by-case basis. Best of all, the entrances and exits to your commercial buildings can be monitored from a centralized location, making it much easier to maintain control over access to your company premises.

Instituting Tiered Access for Employees

Intercom systems can also be used to control access within your corporate facilities. This can be especially useful in industrial buildings. By restricting access to those with a valid reason for entering certain areas, you can reduce the risk of issues arising from unauthorized entry by your employees. Your intercom system can also provide a valuable record of the activity in a particular area of your facility, allowing you to pinpoint the source of certain problems and to take steps to resolve issues more quickly.

Improving Overall Security

Your Houston intercom installation can be combined with CCTV monitoring and other security systems to create a visual perimeter for your commercial or industrial properties. This can help you to take a proactive approach to your company’s security. By creating a centralized security station and staffing it with qualified employees, you can maintain the most effective surveillance for all entry points to your facility and all access attempts by staff members and guests to restricted areas of your business premises.

Reducing Insurance Premiums 

A comprehensive Houston intercom installation and effective security plan that includes cameras and alarms can sometimes result in lower property insurance premiums for your company. By demonstrating your commitment to security for your commercial properties, you can make a positive impression on your insurance company that can translate directly into lower rates for you.

At Securecomm Technologies, Inc., we design and install the most practical and effective Houston office security systems for clients throughout our area. We offer access control, video surveillance, alarm systems and intercom options that can provide you with a safer and more secure environment for your people and your property. Give us a call today at 281-290-8383 to schedule a consultation or to request a quote. The team at Securecomm Technologies is ready to deliver the right solutions for your Houston business.