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security turnstileTurnstiles and other Houston automatic barrier gates can be a solid addition to your building and facility security. These controlled entry systems are designed to provide clear visibility while restricting access to unauthorized individuals. This can boost your security and ensure the safest possible environment for you and your staff members. Here are some of the most important benefits of turnstiles for your Houston business.

One-Way Options for Entry and Exit Points

Especially in commercial and retail locations, managing the direction of foot traffic can help you deal with security more effectively. Limiting entry points and exits to a few specific areas can also allow you to deploy your Houston video surveillance system in the most cost-effective way. One-way turnstiles with access control measures are especially useful for maintaining the security of restricted areas within your facility. In some cases, timers can be coordinated with turnstile systems to allow entry-only during the morning and exit-only functionality at the end of the business day.

An Accurate Count for Occupancy

Entry turnstiles can also maintain a count of the customers, patrons and guests who enter your premises. This can help you ensure that you do not exceed maximum occupancy for restaurants, theaters and other venues. These counts can also provide you with added help in an emergency evacuation. By recording the number of individuals who are currently in your buildings or facilities, you can ensure that everyone is accounted for and present after these events.

Increased Protection Against Unwanted Intruders

Unlike traditional doors with access control systems, turnstiles can be calibrated to allow only one person to enter with the appropriate credentials. This can prevent unwanted guests from slipping through an open door before it closes behind an authorized individual. By implementing these turnstiles in conjunction with Houston security intrusion alarms, you can ensure the safest and most secure working spaces inside your office building or industrial facility.

Improved Visibility

The unique design of turnstiles makes it easy to keep tabs on who is arriving and leaving from your facilities. The low profile of these entry systems can make it easier to record surveillance video and to spot security issues before they become serious concerns.

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