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All About Water Mist Fire Suppression SystemsProtecting your corporate facilities and personnel against fire is critical to ensure your company’s productivity and profitability in today’s competitive marketplace. Investing in cutting-edge Houston commercial fire alarm systems and fire suppression solutions can help you maintain a safer working environment and can provide you with added confidence and peace of mind. Water mist fire suppression systems are one of the most effective ways to keep your buildings and facilities safer. Here are some essential facts about these advanced fire suppression options.

What Is a Water Mist Fire Suppression System?

Water mist systems combine the fire-fighting power of water with air or nitrogen to create a fine mist that can effectively permeate the entire area of the fire. This can smother flames much more effectively and with less damage to equipment and furnishings than usually occurs when a Houston fire sprinkler system is deployed. Water mist systems are available in high-pressure, intermediate-pressure and low-pressure configurations.

Choosing the Right Pressure

The correct pressure level for your water mist system will depend on the environment in which it will be implemented.

  • Low-pressure water mist systems operate at pressures of 175 psi or lower and are most commonly used to augment sprinkler systems in larger areas.
  • Intermediate-pressure mist systems are ideal for use in pump rooms, turbine enclosures and other smaller spaces thanks to their versatility. They can be deployed in self-contained skids or hooked up to a continuous water source, making it easy to implement in all types of environments.
  • High-pressure systems are often used in commercial kitchens to provide solid fire suppression while reducing the cleanup needed after an incident. They can also be used to combat Class A hazards in the industrial environment.

These systems perform best in enclosed areas that can be completely filled with water mist to stop fires in their tracks and to promote a safer working environment for your staff members.

Benefits of Fire Suppression Mist

Unlike traditional fire sprinkler systems, advanced mist systems can create extremely small droplets of water that can remain suspended in the air for much longer. This can smother fires and provide the best possible suppression for flames in enclosed areas.

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