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jewelry store security systemYou know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, you could say the same about burglars. Jewelry stores are 100 percent a huge target for robberies. Why waste time at a place where a burglar isn’t guaranteed anything valuable? At jewelry stores, they KNOW they will. Because of this, it’s extremely important for jewelry stores to be aware of the jewelry store security systems that are available.


An obvious, but extremely necessary, form of security for your jewelry store is video surveillance. Even if the burglar(s) face is covered with a mask, the video surveillance can still manage to catch skin color, hair color, height, type of build, type of car, and even a license plate number.


Video surveillance is great in all aspects except for the fact that it does not alert authorities of a break-in. These commercial security systems for jewelry store security are imperative to have. If any doors, glass, or windows are broken in the process of a break-in, the alarm will go off and get the attention of those inside the jewelry store and the authorities.


Panic buttons are essential to the commercial security system package for a jewelry store. These buttons are hidden in discreet locations, like under the lip of a display case. Make sure your employees know where they are located because in the event of a burglary, an employee can discreetly press the button (no sound), which will alert the authorities of a break-in.

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