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security during the holidaysOh what fun it is to know that the holiday break is only a day away! Many businesses & their employees are wrapping up 2017, putting it away & returning to work with a brand new attitude to kick off 2018. The computers are turned off, the lights are switched off, and not a creature is stirring (not even a mouse!)… so HOW does one plan to secure the building while everyone is away on break? Not to worry, we’re here to provide solutions to ensure that your business remains secure during the holidays.

No Valuables Left Behind

During the holidays, schools can close for up to two weeks & businesses are no different. Thieves know this & it provides them plenty of opportunity to strike. Fortunately, we’ve got ways that can make your building less appealing. The best way is to make sure your building is not targeted is to not leave anything valuable behind. Ensure that all office equipment, merchandise, and important data is not in plain sight from the building’s windows.

Plan With Neighboring Businesses

A good way to work together with your neighboring businesses is to make each other aware of your holiday hours. Agree to keep an eye on each other’s locations during down-times to prevent any potential break-ins or robberies. If you aren’t able to do any of this, it’s important to have someone stopping by to assure that nothing looks suspicious.

Invest In A Security System

Investing in your own security system is not money lost for your business. Because it’s protecting your employees, your assets, and your property, it actually pays for itself. You can contact our team to learn more about what kind of security system plan you need for your building. Whether you work for a school, medical facility, warehouse, or office, we have a plan suitable for the building.

Additional advice: if your work place gets into the holiday spirit & sets up a holiday decorations, assure that they don’t block any security cameras, motion sensors or other security measures. This footage is vital, should your building be targeted & broken into. It would be a shame to not be able to identify the culprit because of a Christmas tree in the way!