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Making sure your facilities and buildings are protected against unwanted intruders is essential for the safety of your employees and your property. The right security solutions can provide added peace of mind for you and your staff members and increased protection for your valuable data and other items. Biometrics technologies can be an integral part of your Houston access control system. Here are some of the most popular ways in which biometrics can be used to protect your people and your property.

Fingerprint Scanning

One of the earliest ways in which biometrics were used to aid criminal investigations, fingerprints have been in use since the late 1800s as a way to identify criminals. Today, thumbprint and fingerprint recognition technologies are a key feature for many Houston business security systems. These systems are among the most commonly used in our area because of their ease of installation and their proven effectiveness for Houston access control.

Vascular Biometrics

For areas in which absolute security is critical, vascular biometrics can provide an added layer of protection above that offered by fingerprint scanning. These systems use near-infrared light to scan the pattern of veins in the fingers. This can provide positive confirmation of identity for access purposes and to track movements within your facility.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software has advanced significantly since it was invented in 1964. Today, these biometric technologies can work hand-in-hand with Houston industrial security camera systems to provide a clear record of the activities of employees and guests at your facilities. Even minor differences in appearance can be identified by facial recognition scanners, reducing the risk of unwanted access to your facilities.

Iris Scanning

Iris recognition technologies use the unique patterns found in the human eye to provide accurate identification for employees. This can provide you with detailed information about the movements and access points used by various individuals in your employ, allowing you to maintain a record of activities throughout your facilities.

Voice Authentication

Voice-activated access control systems can eliminate the need for badges and passwords while allowing tiered access to various areas of your facility. These systems can sometimes generate false rejections, however, and must be installed and monitored by a qualified security company to achieve the best and most reliable results.

The Houston commercial security professionals at Securecomm, Inc. can provide you with expert guidance on the right biometrics installations for your facility. We design, sell and install commercial access control and video surveillance systems designed to keep your people, your property and your premises safe from unwanted intruders. Call us today at 832-741-5451 to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to serving all your Houston access control and security needs.