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Maintaining the right physical security measures is of critical importance for data centers. These arrangements should go far beyond the locks on your outside doors. Creating integrated Houston business security systems for your facilities can provide you with added peace of mind in safeguarding your equipment and protecting the data of your clients. Here are some key elements that should be part of your overall data center physical security plan.

Monitoring Activities

One of the most effective ways to protect your data, people and property is to identify your weak points and monitor your facilities on a continuous basis. Houston industrial security camera systems are ideal for tracking the arrivals and departures of employees, vendors and guests to your facilities. They can also provide a valuable record of activities in and around your data center if an unauthorized intrusion or theft should occur.

Maintaining Access Control

Modern access control systems are a key element in your overall security plan. Card entry systems are especially useful and provide tracking capabilities for your data center. They can also be customized to allow tiered entry to high-security areas, ensuring that only your most trusted employees have access to all parts of your facility. This can limit the risk of unwanted activities while ensuring that a record exists of access to restricted areas of your data center.

Planning for Power Outages

Making sure that you have a back-up source for power can ensure that your Houston office security systems continue to operate even during an outage. This can also prevent criminals and intruders from taking advantage of these unplanned events to enter your facility. Working with a company that specializes in providing security services can help you identify the most practical solutions for keeping your power on and your premises secure even during a prolonged electrical outage.

Expanding the Perimeter

Making sure that your surveillance and access systems extend to the outer perimeter of your property can provide you with added lead time to respond to threats and contact the authorities. Industrial security cameras can allow you to keep a watchful eye on all entrances and exits from your building and property to ensure greater safety for people and property on your premises.

At SecureComm Inc., we specialize in providing customized security systems for industrial and commercial use throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We can deliver the comprehensive access control necessary to ensure the safety of your staff members and the security of the data you manage on behalf of your clients. Call us today at 832-741-5451 to discuss your needs with one of our friendly and experienced security consultants. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.