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Keeping kids safe at school is a priority for parents, teachers and school administrators. Working with a firm that specializes in Houston office security systems can often provide added insights into the best security measures for facilities that serve K-12 students in our area. Evaluating and refining school security measures can allow you to manage security concerns and protect teachers and students more effectively. Here are some of the most critical threats to school security.

Weapons on School Grounds

Guns and knives are prohibited on most Texas K-12 campuses. These weapons can cause serious harm to others and could potentially be used to stage a large-scale attack on students, teachers and staff members within the school. Metal detection systems can typically provide added security and prevent these incidents. Educating students about the risks of weapons on school grounds and providing them with clear instructions on who to inform in the event of a threat or the presence of a gun or knife can also provide added help in managing these issues before the worst occurs.

Unauthorized Access

Maintaining a safe perimeter around your campus can also offer added security against thefts and acts of violence by intruders. Exterior doors that can be opened from inside but are locked from outside are a good first step toward preventing unwanted guests in your hallways. In many cases, the access control solutions used in many Houston business security systems can be adapted to work in the school setting. Allowing office staff to determine who gains access to the building can reduce the risk associated with unauthorized individuals on your school grounds. This can also provide added safety for students if an emergency should arise.

Illegal Drug Sales

Installing Houston industrial security camera systems to monitor the outside of your school can help prevent drug dealers from setting up shop just off campus to sell their wares to your students. By reporting any suspicious activity or frequent loitering to police and backing it up with surveillance of the individuals involved, you can assist law enforcement in dealing with these issues quickly and for the benefit of your students.

At Securecomm Inc., we specialize in security for all types of facilities and buildings. Our team of experienced technicians can evaluate the systems currently in place on your school campus and provide you with expert recommendations for upgrading and enhancing your security. Give us a call today at 832-741-5451 to discuss your K-12 security plans with us. We look forward to helping you make your school safer for your students, teachers and staff.